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John Augustine 

Hello! I am a faculty member in the computer science and engineering department at IIT Madras. I focus primarily on distributed trust dealing with trust issues in distributed settings. I am keen on applying distributed trust principles to a variety of contexts ranging from classical distributed computing (CONGEST/LOCAL models, congested clique, node capacitated clique, etc.), mobile agents, machine learning, blockchains, etc.

I am a founding member of two group: Cryptography, Cybersecurity, and Distributed Trust and the Blockchain Innovation Centre. I am also affiliated with the Theoretical Computer Science group.

Hiring !!!

I am actively looking for self-motivated postdocs and MS/PhD scholars.

Postdoctoral Position. If you have completed (or about to complete) your PhD in theoretical aspects of computer science and would like to explore problems in secure distributed computing, please reach out to me. Here is some more information about the position.

MS/PhD Positions. If you are interested in doing your MS or PhD with me, please consider formally applying via the institute. The departmental admissions page also has some relevant information.

Project Associate. I am looking for a project associate. This is a short term ad hoc employment for those who have completed their Bachelors degree (B.Tech or B.E) in computer science or related fields and would like to undertake a project under me. This is particularly relevant for those candidates who would like to explore research as a career option. If you are interested, please email me your CV.

Interns. At the moment, I am not looking for UG interns.