HPC Workshop

July 27--29, 2020
IIT Madras

IIT Madras is organizing an HPC Workshop primarily for IIT Madras students. The workshop would include a basic HPC session, and several research talks. The presentations are expected to address a wider audience. The event is planned from July 27 to 29, and is open to all the IITM students, staff, employees, as well as to IITM research park.


Registration is free but mandatory. Please register for the workshop here. More details would be sent to the registered participants.


The event is scheduled online. E-meeting details will be have been mailed to the participants at the e-mail id filled in the registration form. Each talk is for one hour.

[click to download flyer]

DateTimeSpeaker and Topic
July 2710:00 Kameswararao Anupindi (ME)
Introduction to MPI Programming [Video, Slides, Codes]
July 2714:30 Krishna Nandivada (CSE)
Introduction to (Efficient) OpenMP Programming [Video]
July 2716:00 Rupesh Nasre (CSE)
Introduction to GPU Programming [Video, Slides, Codes]
July 2810:00 Jithin John Varghese (CHE)
Computational Catalysis and Multiscale Modelling
July 2811:00 Srinivasa Chakravarthy (BT)
Simplifying the brain: A vision for Neuroscience Research [Video]
July 2815:00 Nagabhusan Vadlamani Rao (AE)
High-Fidelity Simulations in Turbomachines using distributed and shared memory architectures. [Video]
July 2816:00 Narasimhan Swaminathan (ME)
High Performance Computing in Molecular Dynamics Simulations [Video]
July 2910:00 Tarak Patra (CHE)
Accelerating Inverse Materials Design via Gaming AI and High-Performance Computing [Video]
July 2911:00 Chakravarthy Balaji (ME)
Numerical simulations of extreme rainfall event in December 2015 over Chennai under Pseudo Global Warming Conditions [Video]
July 2915:00 Himanshu Goyal (CHE)
High Performance Computing for Clean Energy Technologies [Video]


  • Himanshu Goyal (CHE),
  • Kameswararao Anupindi (ME),
  • Ratna Kumar Annabattula (ME),
  • Rupesh Nasre (CSE),
  • Santanu Ghosh (AE),
  • Sunetra Sarkar (AE)