V. Krishna Nandivada
Associate Professor, Senior Member IEEE, Senior Member ACM

Currently spending my Sabbatical at UT Austin

Dept of Computer Science and Engineering,
IIT Madras, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, 600036

Office: BSB 352, Email: nvkiitm.ac.in, Phone: +91-44-2257-4380

Associated labs: PACE lab.

Research Interests: Compilers, Program Analysis, Programming Languages, Multicore systems.
Research: Projects,
Publications, Patents,
DBLP, CV, Brief Bio
Research scholars: PhD
Raghesh A, Aman Nougrahiya, Manas Thakur, Jyothi Vedurada
Anchu R S, Arun T, Rajendra Dangwal
Suyash Gupta, Abhilash Bhandari, Rahul Shrivastava, Indu K.
Teaching: Introduction to Programming (O15)
Recent topics in Compilers (E15)
Modern Compilers - Theory and Practice CS6013 (O12, O13, E15, E16,E17*)
Compiler Design CS3300 (O12, O13, O14, O16, O17)
Principles of Programming Languages CS6848 (E12, E13, E14, O15)
Concurrent Programming (CS6868) (E18)
Software Engineering CS3400 (E11, E12)
Industrial Lectures CS4880 (E17*)
Advanced Compilers (at IIT-Delhi) (E07)
Selected topics in compiler design CS591-5 (at IIT Mandi) (E18)
Journals: Associate Editor Sadhana.
Recent Conference PCs: ERC Member, Publicity Chair (India) PPoPP 2018.
PC Member, IndoSys 2018.
PC Member, CC 2019.
ERC Member PACT 2019.
Openings: PostDoc: One opening.
PhD: One opening in 2019 (preferably in Aug 2019).
MS: One opening in Aug 2019 (none in 2018).
Interns: Not taking any interns in summer 2018/2019.
Have a top resume and interested? Write to me. But read this note first.