CS2810 OOAIA January 2018

Evaluation pattern:
Assignments 50% + in-lab exams 50%
Number of assignments = 10
Number of in-lab exams = 2

First-day Handout
Interim Feedback


  • Course: 0.83 (institute mean: 0.59)
  • Instructor: 0.85 (institute mean: 0.60)
  • Technical Staff: 0.81 (institute mean: 0.75)
  • Full Report
  • P slot [Mondays at 14:00 in CS26 and DCF]
    TAs: Rajesh Pandian, Ishu Garg, Somesh Singh, Ujjal Dutta, Honey Goyal, Ujjawal Soni, Vinothkumar D, Ganesh Das A R, Vankam Sree Hari.
    Instructor: Rupesh Nasre.

    1January 15Basic data structures, Classes, Objects, HackerrankContestSlides and Slides, Problem Set
    2January 22PolymorphismContestSlides, Problem Set
    3January 29SearchingContestSame as last week
    4February 5Sorting, FunctorsContestSlides, Problem Set
    5February 12Incremental Sort, InheritanceContestSlides, Problem Set
    6February 19Dynamic Programming, TemplatesContestSlides, Problem Set
    7February 26Lab examContest25%
    8March 5Trees, StreamsContestSlides, Problem Set
    9March 12Graphs, STLContestSlides
    10March 19GraphsContest 
    --March 26No Lab Friday timetable
    11April 2StringsContest 
    12April 9Combination of graphs / matrices / strings / ...Contest 
    13April 16PracticeContest 
    14April 23Lab ExamContest25%