Research Areas Pursued at CSE Department, IIT Madras

Broad Areas of Research :

Computer Systems

  • Computer Architecture :
    Cache Design in Multicore, Memory System Design, Network-on-chip architectures.
    Faculty: Madhu Mutyam, K. C. Sivaramakrishnan
  • VLSI Design :
    Design Automation, Digital VLSI, Formal Design Verification, Software Aspects.
    Faculty: V. Kamakoti
  • Computer Networks :
    Adhoc Wireless Networks, Network Traffic Analysis and Modeling, Optical Networks, Performance Evaluation, Wireless Networks, Wireless Sensor Networks.
    Faculty: Ayon Chakraborty, C. Siva Ram Murthy, Krishna Moorthy Sivalingam, Manikantan Srinivasan
  • Programming Languages and Software Engineering :
    Auto Parallelization & High Performance Compilers, Code Optimization, Compilers, Fault Localization, Parallelization, Program Analysis, Programming Languages, Verification.
    Faculty: Kartik Nagar, V. Krishna Nandivada, Rupesh Nasre, K. C. Sivaramakrishnan
  • Distributed Systems :
    Anonymous Remote Computation and Communication, Cloud Computing, Concurrency Control, Distributed Operating Systems, Load Balancing.
    Faculty: D. Janakiram
  • Object Oriented Systems :
    Object Oriented Programming.
    Faculty: D. Janakiram
  • High Performance Computing & Parallelization :
    Cluster Computing, Concurrent Programming & Data Structures, Cyber Physical Systems, Hardware Parallelization, Implementations on GPUs, Language Extensions, Numerical Methods and Approximate Computing, Runtime.
    Faculty: V. Kamakoti, Madhu Mutyam, V. Krishna Nandivada, Rupesh Nasre
  • Computer Network Security :
    Hardware Security, Network System Security, Operating System Security, Side-channel Analysis.
    Faculty: Chester Rebeiro

Intelligent Systems and Human Computer Interaction

Theoretical Computer Science

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