Prof. C. Siva Ram Murthy Best B.Tech. Project Award

Prof C Sivaram Murthy Prize for the best B. Tech. final year project in CSE dept.

This award is given every year and considering the B.Tech projects nominated for the same.

The projects are to be nominated by the guide before the deadline (usually in the month of June) announced every year by the department. Selection will be done by a committee appointed by the Head of the Department.

Members from CSE Dept who won Prof. C. Siva Ram Murthy Best B.Tech. Project Award

  • 2022 : Arnhav Abhijit Datar.
  • 2020 : Amireddy Prashanth Reddy, S Sai Jayasurya.
    Cowinners :
    • Prashanth Amireddy (CS16B001) - Guide: Jayalal Sarma
    • Sai Jayasurya (CS16B025) - Guide: Jayalal Sarma
  • 2019 : G Kavitha.
    Kavitha Gopal (CS15B057) - Guide: Meghana Nasre.
  • 2017 : A. Sundar, Sai Praveen.B.
    Cowinners :
    • Sundar A. (CS13B026): Exact Exponential Time Algorithms for Allocation Problems (Guide: N.S. Narayanaswamy)
    • Sai Praveen B (CS13B025): Approaches to Spatial Reasoning in Reinforcement Learning (Guide: Balaraman Ravindran)

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