Biswajit Sain Memorial Prize

Biswajit Sain was an brilliant, hardworking MS Scholar working at the SUN Lab in the CSE Department. He passed away in an unfortunate drowning accident at Hogganakkal. In memory of him, his family instituted Biswajit Sain Memorial Prize to be given for the best MS Thesis in the CSE Department.
  • Frequency : Every Year
  • Eligibility : Scholar must have received his degree in the previous year's convocation.

Members from CSE Dept who won Biswajit Sain Memorial Prize

  • 2018 : Shiladitya Pande.
    Guided by Sayan Ranu.
  • 2017 : Sarthak Parui, P R Dhathri.
    • Sarthak Parui (CS12S044): Similarity-invariant Large Scale Sketch-based Image Retrieval (Guide: Anurag Mittal)
    • P.R. Dhathri (CS13S026): Network architecture supporting seamless flow mobility between LTE and WiFi networks (Guide: Krishna Sivalingam)
  • 2016 : Sarath Chandar A P.
    Thesis Title : "Correlational Neural Networks for Common Representation Learning" (Guide : Dr. B. Ravindran)
  • 2015 : Saurabh Gupta.
    Thesis Title : Improving Conversational Recommendation based on Preference-based Feedback (Guide : Dr. Sutanu Chakraborti).
  • 2014 : Bendre Yogesh Sudhir.
    Thesis Title : Kernel Parameter Selection For Supervised, Unsupervised And Semi-supervised Learning Scenarios (Guide : Prof. C. Chandra Sekhar)
  • 2013 : Gireesan P Namboothiri, S Shivashankar.
    Thesis 1 Title : Throughput analysis of multiple channel based wireless sensor networks (Guide: Krishna Shivalingam)
    Thesis 2 Title : Multi-view based Approaches for Collective Learning and Retrieval Tasks (Guide: Balaraman Ravindran)
  • 2012 : Lavanya J..
    Thesis Title : On Test and Nanometer Methodologies on Diaganostics Technologies (Guide : Prof. C. Chandrasekhar)
  • 2008 : Shravan M N.
    Thesis title: Abstraction using Symmetries in Markov Decision Processes (Guide : Ravindran Balaraman).

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