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Research AreasKernel Methods, Content based Information Retrieval, Handwritten Character Recognition.
MembersFaculty : Sukhendu Das.

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Recent Publications
  • Conditioning Covert Geo-Location (CGL) Detection on Semantic Class Information.  
           Binoy Saha , Sukhendu Das
          Appeared in Pattern Recognition and Machine Intelligence - 10th International Conference, PReMI 2023, Kolkata, India, December 12-15, 2023, Proceedings, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol 14301, pp.28-37, Dec 2023
  • MARRS: Modern Backbones Assisted Co-training for Rapid and Robust Semi-Supervised Domain Adaptation.  
           Saurabh Kumar Jain , Sukhendu Das
          Appeared in IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, CVPR 2023 - Workshops, Vancouver, BC, Canada, June 17-24, 2023, pp.4580-4589, Jun 2023
  • A Deep-Learning-Based Lightweight Model for Ship Localizations in SAR Images.  
           Shovakar Bhattacharjee , Palanisamy Shanmugam , Sukhendu Das
          Appeared in IEEE Access, Vol 11, pp.94415-94427, Jan 2023
  • Controllable Image Synthesis via Feature Mask Coupling using Implicit Neural Representation✱.  
           Sonam Gupta , Arti Keshari , Sukhendu Das
          Appeared in Proceedings of the Thirteenth Indian Conference on Computer Vision, Graphics and Image Processing, ICVGIP 2022, Gandhinagar, India, December 8-10, 2022, pp.45:1-45:9, Dec 2022
  • Navigational Aid for Open-Ended Surveillance, by Fusing Estimated Depth and Scene Segmentation Maps, Using RGB Images of Indoor Scenes.  
           Binoy Saha , Neha Shah , Sukhendu Das
          Appeared in IEEE International Conference on Signal Processing and Communications, SPCOM 2022, Bangalore, India, July 11-15, 2022, pp.1-5, Jul 2022

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