List of Candidates Recommended for Admission - MS/PhD Programmes (Jul 2018)

Following is the provisional list of candidates shortlisted for research admissions in July 2018. The list is subject to approval from the Dean of Academic Research, IIT Madras. Note that the date of joining is is July 9, 2018. The names are sorted according to application number in each category. See admissions page for details about the process.
Note : (May 28, 2018) The offer letters will be sent out within 1 week for HTRA/ISEA category and within 2-3 weeks for Project category.

PhD Admissions

MS Admissions

Sl.No. Appl. No. Name Scheme
1 CS18P0024 Gorla Sreekanth HTRA
2 CS18P0150 Yeruru Asrar Ahmed HTRA
3 CS18P0189 Sreyas S HTRA
4 CS18P0198 Arpita Dutta Project
5 CS18P0329 Suresh Kumar HTRA
6 CS18P0359 Sonam Gupta HTRA
7 CS18P0392 Rahul Vashisht HTRA
8 CS18P0419 Anshu Yadav HTRA
9 CS18P0476 Anuja Ajay HTRA
Sl.No Appl. No. Name Scheme
1 CS18M0004 Anand Krishna HTRA
2 CS18M0006 Jenit Tomy HTRA
3 CS18M0060 Prithwish Basu Roy ISEA
4 CS18M0081 Naga Venkata Saikumar HTRA
5 CS18M0097 Nabanita Paul ISEA
6 CS18M0127 Sambit Kumar Project
7 CS18M0130 Priya Purohit Project
8 CS18M0149 Sampriti Roy HTRA
9 CS18M0162 Hemant Kumar HTRA
10 CS18M0201 Amit Kumar Roy ISEA
11 CS18M0223 Prateek Dwivedi HTRA
12 CS18M0224 Jayanta Sharma Project
13 CS18M0233 Saikat Dutta HTRA
14 CS18M0239 Babar Sadbhavana Manohar Project
15 CS18M0243 Bidya Sarkar Project
16 CS18M0250 Prateek Gupta Project
17 CS18M0255 Padhiyar Sumit Kishorkumar HTRA
Sl No Appl. No. Name Scheme
18 CS18M0258 Aakriti Budhraja HTRA
19 CS18M0266 Rahul Biswas HTRA
20 CS18M0287 Riya James Project
21 CS18M0291 Jayesh Arvind Vaidya HTRA
22 CS18M0304 Ajumal P A Project
23 CS18M0381 Kakadiya Ashutosh Dilipbhai HTRA
24 CS18M0383 Kamath Radhakrishna Rajaram Project
25 CS18M0396 Swapnil Raykar HTRA
26 CS18M0416 Diptanshu Kakwani HTRA
27 CS18M0417 Divyanshu Kakwani HTRA
28 CS18M0418 Jagarlamudi Rajitha ISEA
29 CS18M0443 Sakshi Choudhary HTRA
30 CS18M0466 Dipayan Sen HTRA
31 CS18M0483 Inshita Mutreja HTRA
32 CS18M0488 Arasu Arun HTRA
33 CS18M0493 Gaurav Singhal Project
34 CS18M0514 Govind Vitthal Waghmare HTRA

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