MS-PhD Admissions (Nov 2019) - Shortlisted Candidates for MS, PhD and Direct-PhD programs at the CSE Dept IIT Madras.

Following are the application numbers of the student shortlisted for the written test phase of the selection process.
Note 1: Applications received from on or after April 1, 2019 have been processed for this round. Each shortlisted applicant has been sent an email about the logistics of the written test and interview. If your application id is listed here but you have not received email from us, then (i) check your spam folders, (ii) contact us at with your application id. See admissions page for the reporting time for shortlisted candidates and also for the shortlisting criteria for this round of admissions.
Note 2: The shortlisting is based on the data available in the system about the UG/PG/GATE scores of the candidates. If you see any discrepancy, and you do qualify as per the shortlisting criteria mentioned above, please contact .

MSRegular PhDDirect PhD
Total number of applications41037276
Number of candidates shortlisted1282157
List of Roll No (in ascending order of roll numbers):

Regular PhD Programme :
CS1904AP0001 CS1904AP0006 CS1904AP0007 CS1904AP0017 CS1904AP0022 CS1904AP0024 CS1904AP0027 CS1904AP0034 CS1904P0003 CS1904P0004 CS1904P0009 CS1904P0010 CS1904P0011 CS1904P0016 CS1904P0019 CS1904P0021 CS1904P0025 CS1904P0028 CS1904P0029 CS1904P0031 CS1904P0032 CS1904P0035 CS1905AP0006 CS1905AP0009 CS1905P0001 CS1905P0005 CS1905P0008 CS1905P0013 CS1905P0015 CS1905P0016 CS1905P0018 CS1905P0019 CS1905P0020 CS1906P0005 CS1906P0007 CS1906P0008 CS1907P0003 CS1907P0007 CS1907P0009 CS1907P0011 CS1907P0012 CS1907P0013 CS1907P0014 CS1907P0015 CS1907P0016 CS1907P0018 CS1907P0020 CS1907P0021 CS1908P0005 CS1908P0006 CS1908P0009 CS1908P0010 CS1908P0011 CS1908P0012 CS1908P0013 CS1909AP0018 CS1909P0001 CS1909P0004 CS1909P0006 CS1909P0009 CS1909P0011 CS1909P0012 CS1909P0013 CS1909P0019 CS1909P0020 CS1910AP0002 CS1910AP0014 CS1910AP0045 CS1910AP0068 CS1910AP0080 CS1910AP0082 CS1910AP0088 CS1910AP0092 CS1910AP0107 CS1910AP0123 CS1910AP0161 CS1910AP0178 CS1910AP0197 CS1910AP0206 CS1910AP0219 CS1910P0003 CS1910P0004 CS1910P0006 CS1910P0007 CS1910P0011 CS1910P0012 CS1910P0017 CS1910P0018 CS1910P0019 CS1910P0020 CS1910P0021 CS1910P0022 CS1910P0025 CS1910P0027 CS1910P0028 CS1910P0029 CS1910P0032 CS1910P0033 CS1910P0034 CS1910P0035 CS1910P0036 CS1910P0038 CS1910P0039 CS1910P0040 CS1910P0041 CS1910P0043 CS1910P0044 CS1910P0046 CS1910P0047 CS1910P0048 CS1910P0049 CS1910P0051 CS1910P0054 CS1910P0056 CS1910P0057 CS1910P0058 CS1910P0059 CS1910P0060 CS1910P0062 CS1910P0063 CS1910P0065 CS1910P0066 CS1910P0070 CS1910P0071 CS1910P0074 CS1910P0075 CS1910P0076 CS1910P0078 CS1910P0079 CS1910P0081 CS1910P0083 CS1910P0084 CS1910P0090 CS1910P0091 CS1910P0093 CS1910P0098 CS1910P0099 CS1910P0100 CS1910P0101 CS1910P0102 CS1910P0103 CS1910P0104 CS1910P0106 CS1910P0108 CS1910P0109 CS1910P0110 CS1910P0111 CS1910P0112 CS1910P0113 CS1910P0116 CS1910P0117 CS1910P0119 CS1910P0120 CS1910P0121 CS1910P0122 CS1910P0124 CS1910P0128 CS1910P0130 CS1910P0132 CS1910P0133 CS1910P0134 CS1910P0135 CS1910P0136 CS1910P0137 CS1910P0138 CS1910P0139 CS1910P0140 CS1910P0144 CS1910P0146 CS1910P0147 CS1910P0150 CS1910P0151 CS1910P0152 CS1910P0154 CS1910P0155 CS1910P0156 CS1910P0157 CS1910P0158 CS1910P0159 CS1910P0160 CS1910P0163 CS1910P0165 CS1910P0166 CS1910P0167 CS1910P0169 CS1910P0170 CS1910P0172 CS1910P0173 CS1910P0175 CS1910P0176 CS1910P0177 CS1910P0179 CS1910P0180 CS1910P0181 CS1910P0184 CS1910P0185 CS1910P0186 CS1910P0187 CS1910P0189 CS1910P0194 CS1910P0196 CS1910P0201 CS1910P0204 CS1910P0210 CS1910P0211 CS1910P0212 CS1910P0213 CS1910P0214 CS1910P0216 CS1910P0217 CS1910P0218 CS1910P0222 CS1910P0223 CS1910P0225 CS1910P0226 CS1910P0227 CS1910P0229 CS1910P0230 CS1910P0231 CS1910P0232 CS1910P0233 CS1910P0234 CS1910P0235 CS1910P0236 CS1910P0237 CS1910P0238 CS1910P0239 CS1910P0240

MS Programme :
CS1904AM0022 CS1904AM0026 CS1904AM0030 CS1904AM0033 CS1904AM0051 CS1904AM0052 CS1904AM0061 CS1904AM0088 CS1904AM0095 CS1904AM0099 CS1904AM0100 CS1904AM0111 CS1904AM0112 CS1904AM0120 CS1904AM0123 CS1904AM0125 CS1904AM0129 CS1904M0001 CS1904M0002 CS1904M0003 CS1904M0004 CS1904M0012 CS1904M0013 CS1904M0025 CS1904M0029 CS1904M0037 CS1904M0040 CS1904M0042 CS1904M0043 CS1904M0044 CS1904M0046 CS1904M0047 CS1904M0048 CS1904M0050 CS1904M0053 CS1904M0056 CS1904M0059 CS1904M0063 CS1904M0064 CS1904M0065 CS1904M0066 CS1904M0069 CS1904M0070 CS1904M0071 CS1904M0072 CS1904M0077 CS1904M0082 CS1904M0087 CS1904M0089 CS1904M0097 CS1904M0098 CS1904M0103 CS1904M0105 CS1904M0108 CS1904M0117 CS1904M0119 CS1904M0127 CS1905AM0006 CS1905M0003 CS1905M0009 CS1905M0011 CS1905M0012 CS1906M0001 CS1906M0005 CS1907M0001 CS1907M0006 CS1907M0008 CS1908M0003 CS1908M0005 CS1908M0006 CS1908M0007 CS1908M0008 CS1909M0002 CS1909M0003 CS1909M0004 CS1909M0005 CS1909M0006 CS1909M0008 CS1909M0012 CS1909M0013 CS1909M0017 CS1909M0018 CS1910AM0097 CS1910M0005 CS1910M0008 CS1910M0009 CS1910M0015 CS1910M0016 CS1910M0020 CS1910M0023 CS1910M0034 CS1910M0035 CS1910M0038 CS1910M0040 CS1910M0045 CS1910M0051 CS1910M0054 CS1910M0058 CS1910M0060 CS1910M0061 CS1910M0063 CS1910M0068 CS1910M0072 CS1910M0076 CS1910M0087 CS1910M0088 CS1910M0089 CS1910M0091 CS1910M0092 CS1910M0100 CS1910M0101 CS1910M0104 CS1910M0109 CS1910M0123 CS1910M0126 CS1910M0127 CS1910M0130 CS1910M0132 CS1910M0135 CS1910M0147 CS1910M0149 CS1910M0154 CS1910M0170 CS1910M0174 CS1910M0181 CS1910M0185 CS1910M0192 CS1910M0196 CS1910M0214

Direct PhD Programme :
CS1904AD0012 CS1904D0004 CS1910AD0021 CS1910AD0022 CS1910AD0037 CS1910AD0051 CS1910D0032

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