MS Admissions (Nov 2019) : Shortlisted Candidates for Interview

The following 12 candidates have been shortlisted for interview for admission to MS program at IIT Madras for the November 2019 round of admissions.
The selected candidates are required to report at 8:30 AM on Nov 26, 2019 at the CSE Department Office for the interview.
The following list is in the increasing order of application numbers.

Application NumberName of the Candidate
CS1909M0003Bhagyashree Mukherjee
CS1909M0004Gautam Chauhan
CS1909M0006Shivani Saxena
CS1909M0017Debargha Bhattacharjee
CS1910M0009Rahul Santram Waghmare
CS1910M0015Akhilesh Yadav
CS1910M0034Pranshu Malviya
CS1910M0058Kamble Sumedh Arvind
CS1910M0072Abhik Paul
CS1910M0091Abdun Nihaal
CS1910M0135Sushil Kumar Verma
CS1910M0196Rahul Biswas

No direct PhD candidate has been selected for the interview.

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