Women in Science

Let's begin with a clear problem statement: gender discrimination in science is real. According to a recent study, around 60% of women reported experiencing some form of sexism in the last year. Here is another study that shows the dramatic difference between women and men in positions of seniority. Here are some slides (somewhat outdated) that provide more data. At our very own IITM, there are only 12% women faculty, only 1 female dean ever and no female directors ever. So clearly, there is a problem.

Over the years, I have participated in various events to promote women in science, not only outreach to attract young students, but also to identify and spread awareness about gender related challenges at all levels. Below are some initiatives I have participated in, as well as some general resources on this subject.

My Involvement

Other Resources

Technology for Society

I care deeply about using technology to solve social problems. Below are some resources on this theme.

Relevant Courses:

Several institutes have created courses that discuss the challenges of designing technological solutions for difficulties faced by the developing world. In this setting, the constraints are very different - usually such designs have to take into account local availability of labor and material, extremely low cost, robust to power failures and such other issues. Below is a list of some excellent courses I know of.





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