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Lab(s) : AIDB Lab.
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Research Interests :

Database systems, Semi-structured data and XML, Data mining, Graph algorithms, Parallel computing.

Publications : (Last Five, while at IITM)DBLP1, DBLP2.View All

  • Augmenting Linked Data Ontologies with New Object Properties. 
    Authors : S. Subhashree, P. Sreenivasa Kumar
    Appeared in New Gener. Comput., Vol 38, pp.125-152, Jan 2020
  • Improving Ontology Verbalization using Semantic-level Refinement (Extended Abstract). 
    Authors : Vinu E. Venugopal, P. Sreenivasa Kumar
    Appeared in Proceedings of the 32nd International Workshop on Description Logics, Oslo, Norway, June 18-21, 2019., CEUR Workshop Proceedings, Vol 2373, Jun 2019
  • Review of Approaches for Linked Data Ontology Enrichment. 
    Authors : S. Subhashree, Rajeev Irny, P. Sreenivasa Kumar
    Appeared in Distributed Computing and Internet Technology - 14th International Conference, ICDCIT 2018, Bhubaneswar, India, January 11-13, 2018, Proceedings (ICDCIT 2018) ,Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol 10722, pp.27-49, Jan 2018
  • Enriching domain ontologies using question-answer datasets. 
    Authors : Subhashree S, P. Sreenivasa Kumar
    Appeared in Proceedings of the ACM India Joint International Conference on Data Science and Management of Data, COMAD/CODS 2018, Goa, India, January 11-13, 2018, pp.329-332, Jan 2018
  • Extracting Ontological Knowledge from Textual Descriptions through Grammar-based Transformation. 
    Authors : Kevin Alex Mathews, P. Sreenivasa Kumar
    Appeared in Proceedings of the Knowledge Capture Conference, K-CAP 2017, Austin, TX, USA, December 4-6, 2017, pp.21:1-21:4, Dec 2017

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Aug 2020 - Dec 2020 : - Introduction to Database Systems (CS3700)
Jan 2020 - May 2020 : - Theory and Applications of Ontologies (CS6852)
Jul 2019 - Nov 2019 : - Introduction to Database Systems (CS3700)
Jan 2019 - May 2019 : - Theory and Applications of Ontologies (CS6852)
Jul 2018 - Nov 2018 : - Introduction to Database Systems (CS3700)

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ProgramNameRoll No.Joining DateFunding
PhDBaskaran SCS09D001Dec 2008PROJECT
PhDUma Sankari S SCS09D005Dec 2008EXTERNAL
PhDSangeethaCS10D016Jul 2010HTRA
PhDAshikaCS12D022Jul 2012EXTERNAL
PhDSubhashree SCS13D029Jul 2013HTRA
PhDDileep Kumar PattipatiCS15D002Jan 2015HTRA
PhDSuresh KumarCS18D007Jul 2018HTRA
MSRajeev IrnyCS15S005Jan 2015HTRA
MSAkshay GuptaCS19S011Jul 2019HTRA
M.TechChindu MohanCS14M010Jul 2014SPONS
M.TechShashank ChandekarCS17M042Jul 2017HTTA
M.TechD Bathi Sai KrishnaCS17M058Jul 2017HTTA
M.TechPooja KumariCS17M064Jul 2017HTTA
M.TechLini K SCS17M001Jul 2017SPON
M.TechShrinidhi Umesh BajpayeeCS19M063Jul 2019HTTA
M.TechDeekshitha DCS19M020Jul 2019HTTA
M.TechShini N MCS19M061Jul 2019HTTA
M.TechNalla MrunaliniCS19M041Jul 2019
B.Tech(DD)G.SrikrishnaCS13B052Jul 2013HTTA