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MS Scholar ( Roll No: CS13S006 )
Email : CS13S006 [at] smail [dot] iitm [dot] ac [dot] in   
Advisor(s) : D. Janakiram
Lab(s) : DOS Lab.

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  • GraphSteal: Dynamic Re-Partitioning for Efficient Graph Processing in Heterogeneous Clusters. 
    Authors : Dinesh Kumar, Arun Raj, D. Janakiram
    Appeared in 2017 IEEE 10th International Conference on Cloud Computing (CLOUD), Honolulu, HI, USA, June 25-30, 2017, pp.439-446, Jun 2017
  • Octopus: A multi-job scheduler for Graphlab. 
    Authors : Srikant Padala, Dinesh Kumar, Arun Raj, D. Janakiram
    Appeared in 2015 IEEE International Conference on Big Data, Big Data 2015, Santa Clara, CA, USA, October 29 - November 1, 2015, pp.293-298, Oct 2015
  • GraphIVE: Heterogeneity-Aware Adaptive Graph Partitioning in GraphLab. 
    Authors : Dinesh Kumar, Arun Raj, Deepankar Patra, D. Janakiram
    Appeared in 43rd International Conference on Parallel Processing Workshops, ICPPW 2014, Minneapolis, MN, USA, September 9-12, 2014 (ICPPW 2014) ,pp.95-103, Sep 2014

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Aug 2015 - Nov 2015 : - Distributed Computing (CS6440)

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