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Lab(s) : AIDB Lab.
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Research Interests :

Information retrieval, Memory-based reasoning, Machine learning.

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  • Modeling Tradeoffs Using Preference-Based Feedback in Session-Based Recommender Systems. 
    Authors : Anbarasu Sekar, Sutanu Chakraborti
    Appeared in IEEE Trans. Artif. Intell., Vol 4, pp.511-521, Jan 2023
  • Never Judge a Case by Its (Unreliable) Neighbors: Estimating Case Reliability for CBR. 
    Authors : Adwait P. Parsodkar, Deepak Padmanabhan, Sutanu Chakraborti
    Appeared in Case-Based Reasoning Research and Development - 30th International Conference, ICCBR 2022, Nancy, France, September 12-15, 2022, Proceedings (ICCBR 2022) ,Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol 13405, pp.256-270, Sep 2022
  • Counterfactuals as Explanations for Monotonic Classifiers. 
    Authors : Sarathi K., Shania Mitra, Deepak P., Sutanu Chakraborti
    Appeared in Workshop Proceedings of the 30th International Conferece on Case-Based Reasoning co-located with the 30th International Conference on Case-Based Reasoning (ICCBR 2022), Nancy (France), September 12-15th, 2022. (ICCBR 2022) ,CEUR Workshop Proceedings, Vol 3389, pp.177-188, Sep 2022
  • ConnExt-BioBERT: Leveraging Transfer Learning for Brain-Connectivity Extraction from Neuroscience Articles. 
    Authors : Ashika Sharma, Jaikishan Jayakumar, Namrata Sankaran, Partha P. Mitra, Sutanu Chakraborti, P. Sreenivasa Kumar
    Appeared in Brain Informatics - 14th International Conference, BI 2021, Virtual Event, September 17-19, 2021, Proceedings (BI 2021) ,Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol 12960, pp.235-244, Sep 2021
  • Revisiting Fast and Slow Thinking in Case-Based Reasoning. 
    Authors : Srashti Kaurav, Devi Ganesan, Deepak Padmanabhan, Sutanu Chakraborti
    Appeared in Case-Based Reasoning Research and Development - 29th International Conference, ICCBR 2021, Salamanca, Spain, September 13-16, 2021, Proceedings (ICCBR 2021) ,Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol 12877, pp.110-124, Sep 2021

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Jan 2023 - May 2023 : - Natural Language Processing (CS6370)
Apr 2022 - May 2022 : - Introduction to Programming (CS1100)
Jan 2022 - Apr 2022 : - Natural Language Processing (CS6370)
Aug 2021 - Dec 2021 : - Introduction to Programming (CS1100)
Feb 2021 - May 2021 : - Natural Language Processing (CS6370)

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ProgramNameRoll No.Joining DateFunding
PhDKarri Venkata Satya DileepCS10D011Jul 2010HTRA
PhDAnbarasu SCS12D007Jul 2012HTRA
PhDDevi GCS16D005Jul 2016HTRA
PhDParsodkar Adwait PramodCS20D404Sep 2020HTRA
MSAbhijit SahooCS13S020Jul 2013HTRA
MSShashank ShrivastavaCS15S009Jan 2015HTRA
MSNeha Dubey DubeyCS15S020Jul 2015HTRA
MSSuman BanerjeeCS16S019Jul 2016PROJECT
MSAravind SunilCS16S004Jul 2016HTRA
MSSrashti KauravCS19S013Jul 2019HTRA
MSAbhik PaulCS19S027Jan 2020HTRA
MSArup DasCS20S016Sep 2020

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