Rupesh Nasre.

Faculty, CSE, IITM
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I am looking for students/staff with knowledge of GPU Programming or interest in Domain-Specific Languages. Even if you can work remotely, contact me with your CV.

If you want to work with me, there is one quality that I expect in you: Sincerity. If you are not sincere, we are going to make each other's life difficult. Please join me only if you can be sincere; not to me, but to your work.

  •   Graph Algorithms on GPUs
  •   Program Analysis through Ontologies
  •   SPE 2020 paper

  •   Prema Soundrarajan, primarily-guided by B K Panigrahi, IGCAR
  •   Automatic Parallelization
  •   PostDoc at UAB, PostDoc at IIT Kanpur, CCPE 2019 paper
  •   Parallel Digital Image Correlation
  •   Strain 2020 paper, HiPC 2018 SRS poster, SEM 2018 paper, iDICs 2017 abstract
  •   Clustering
  •   Test-suite Selection and Prioritization
  •   Mentored an award-winning MTP, SERI 2020 presentation, ICST 2020 presentation, JSS 2019 paper, Silver Medal at IIEST Shibpur
  •   Locking in Hierarchies
  •   Intel Research, grant from IITM Alumni for attending EuroPar, Institute Research Award Jan-May 2019, Internships at Microsoft Research 2019+2018, EuroPar 2019 paper, Mentored an award-winning MTP, ICPP 2018 paper, EuroPar 2018 paper, Reviewer for PPoPP 2018 Artifacts, PLDI 2017 Artifacts, Invited paper at ACM TOPC 2017, HiPC 2016 Parallel Programming Challenge 1st place, Google PhD Student Summit 2016, Credit Suisse, PPoPP 2016 paper (Distinguished Paper Award), SIGPLAN grant for attending PPoPP, PoPL 2015 poster, SIGPLAN grant for PLMW 2015, attended IPDPS 2015, ICSE 2014
  •   Energy Optimizations in Heterogeneous Systems
  •   Multicoreware, ESWEEK travel grant, EMSOFT+TCAD paper, mentored a BTP, TMSCS 2018 paper, Reviewer for PPoPP 2018+19 Artifacts, CHIUW 2017 paper
  •   Approximations in Graph Algorithms
  •   Internship at Microsoft Research 2020, Internship at Intel Research 2020, ICPP 2020 paper, Modern Physics Journal 2019 paper, SIGPLAN grant for attending PPoPP, ICAP 2018 paper, Mentored an MTP, GSoC on parallelizing SixTrackLib, Organizer for CUDA Workshop in ExeBit 2018, TMSCS 2018 paper, Reviewer for PPoPP 2018 + ECOOP 2020 Artifacts, STAR TA July 2017, GSoC on GPU vectors, Reviewer for ESL, HiPC 2016 Parallel Programming Challenge 4th place, mentored two interns, HiPC 2015 Parallel Programming Challenge 4th place, attended IPDPS 2015, PoPL 2015


  •   Jash Khatri
  •   Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics
  •   MathWorks, HiPC CFD Workshop paper
  •   Consistency in Distributed Systems
  •   Internship at Microsoft Research 2020, PaPoC 2020 paper
  •   Distributed Community Detection
  •   Oracle, visited IISc in 2018+2017, HPCC 2017 paper
  •   Testing for Android apps
  •   Samsung Research, ISSTA 2019 paper, Android teaching in SPW 2018, Software Engineering and Cyber Safety teaching in KV
  •   GPU Code Generation for Graph DSL
  •   Samsung Research ARM, LCPC 2016 paper, attended IPDPS 2015, PoPL 2015, SIGPLAN grant for PLMW 2015

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  As Faculty Adviser

  Mentoring prior to becoming a faculty member

  •   Cristiano Sousa and Bruno Medeiros, University of Minho, Summer Interns
  •   Graph Partitioning on GPUs

  •   Michael He, Tsinghua University, Summer Intern
  •   De Bruijn Graph Construction on GPUs for Genome Sequencing

  •   Prad Nelluru, University of Texas at Austin, Bachelors Thesis
  •   Fast Approximate k-Nearest Neighbors in High Dimensions
  •   Schlumberger Award for Best Thesis

  •   Prad Nelluru and Ashay Rane, University of Texas at Austin, CS380C course project
  •   Stencil Compiler for Image Processing on GPUs

  •   Martin Schatz and Tyler Smith, University of Texas at Austin, CS395T course project
  •   GPU Kernel Synthesis

  •   Ankita Raman, VNIT Nagpur, Summer Intern
  •   Points-to Analysis using Dominators

  •   Sandeep Putta, IIT Bombay, UGC Summer Intern
  •   Parallel Points-to Analysis
  •   CC 2012 paper