Jyothi Krishna V S

Research Scholar, PACE LAB , IIT Madras (Resume)
Reseach Area: Compilers for Heterogeneous Multicore processors.

Publications: ( DBLP )





Parallel Program Scheduling in AMPs
OpenMP Parallel Programming
Cilk and Writing Code for Hardware
Identifying Use After Free Variables in Fire and Forget Tasks
CHOAMP: Cost Based Hardware Optimization for Asymmetric Multicore Processors
CES: Compiler Enhanced Scheduling for Single ISA Heterogeneous Architecture
CREATM: Proposed Cost Reduction and Elision of Aborts in Transactional Memory
Scheduling as KnapSack: Modelling Scheduling of parallel tasks in AMPs as a modifed and restricted version of KnapSack Problem.

Contact Info :

Mail: jkrishna_at_cse_dot_iitm_dot_ac_dot_in , jkrishnavs_at_GMAIL_dot_com