CS6777: Optimization Methods for Computer Vision Applications

Jan - May, 2024

Course Contents

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  • Objectives:
    • In the recent past, algorithms of solving many ill-posed problems in the field of Computer Vision are derived from modern Optimization methods. Allied areas of Machine learning, Pattern recognition and video processing have also seen a rise in the use of such methods. This course will provide an overview of the theories and hands-on practice, required by students and scholars who intend to specialize in this field, to solve complex problems in computer vision and associated fields of study.
  • References

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    Lecture Slides

    1 Linear Regression  Download Slide
    2 Polar Parameters Estimation for LSQ Download Slide
    3 Gradient Descent and it's variations Download Slide
    4 Optimization Methods Download Slide
    5 Super-Resolution Edge Reconstruction + Restoration Download Slide
    6 Filtering Download Slide
    7 ICCV Tutorial on Graph Cuts Download Slide
    8 Mathematical Image Processing Download Slide
    9 Scene Modelling, Recognition and Tracking Download Slide
    10 RANSAC Download Slide
    11 Simulated Annealing Download Slide
    12 Steepest Descent vs. Gradient Descent Download Slide
    13 Monasse Rectification Download Slide



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